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UN Climate Change Conference 2007


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Chronicle Herald / Dec. 19
Bali flop: Tories swim in wrong direction

National Post / Dec. 18
Canada's route on Bali roadmap unclear

Toronto Star / Dec. 18
Does Baird know what he is saying?

New York Times / Dec. 17
Disappointments on Climate

Globe And Mail / Dec. 17
Ottawa earns reluctant praise in Bali

Ottawa Citizen / Dec. 16
U.S., Canada pressured into adopting 'Bali roadmap'

Associated Press / Dec. 15
Bali global warming agreement reached   /   BBC World News   /   Reuters News

Globe and Mail / Dec. 15
Baird a no-show at key negotiating session

Canwest News / Dec. 15
Canada tarred by Harper government's stance at Bali meet

Spiegel Online / Dec. 15
Climate Change Deal Reached after US U-Turn

Globe and Mail / Dec. 14
Indigenous people describe real perils of global warming

Reuters / Dec. 14
Developing nations dig in heels in Bali

Globe and Mail / Dec. 14
Europe-U.S. feud explodes into threat of boycott

Reuters News / Dec. 13
Bali talks try to end impasse on climate goals

Reuters News / Dec. 13
Al Gore lays blame for Bali stalemate on United States

CanWest News / Dec. 13
Government, youth, tangle over Bali protest  /  Canadian Press Video

CanWest News / Dec. 13
Baird blasé about Quebec clean car plan, Australia ratifies Kyoto Protocol

Ottawa Citizen / Dec. 13
Baird "re-gifting" at Bali

Canadian Press / Dec. 12
Québec announces at Bali it is adopting California's stringent vehicle emission standards

Canadian Press / Dec. 12
Canadian youth frustrated by Baird no-show  /  CTV Video

National Post / Dec. 11
Canada calls emissions targets unacceptable

Canadian Press / Dec. 11
Canada at centre of climate treaty storm

Toronto Star / Dec. 11
Tory climate plan 'recipe for failure,' Dion says

The Guardian / Dec. 11
The real answer to climate change is to leave fossil fuels in the ground

CPAC / Dec. 10's John Bennett and Environment Minister John Baird talk
to PrimeTime Politics host Peter Van Dusen about Bali and climate change

National Post / Dec. 10
Environmentalists, minister exchange climate change blame

CanWest News / Dec. 10
Canada brings back climate funding: Critics still skeptical

Toronto Star / Dec. 9
This guy was the green prime minister?

CanWest News / Dec. 8
Canada could derail climate talks in Bali  /  Associated Press Coverage

BBC News / Dec. 8
Global rallies focus on climate change

Global National TV / Dec. 7
New report places Canada 53rd out of 56 countries for combatting emissions   /   MORE ON THE REPORT

Canadian Press / Dec. 7
Conservatives to tell UN conference: so long, Kyoto, hello Montreal

AFP / Dec. 7
Nobel climate panel chief raps Canada on carbon cuts

CBC News / Dec. 7
Quebec unveils new green plan on eve of Bali climate talks

Ottawa Citizens / Dec. 7
The developed world must lead the way on climate change

Sun Media / Dec. 7
Green Party leader says Harper's climate stance hurting Canada's reputation

CBC News / Dec. 4
Harper plan for UN climate talks a 'recipe for disaster': Dion
Canada flounders on issue of climate change

CTV News / Dec. 4
Opposition slams Tories over climate change stance

Climate Action Network / Dec. 3
Network sends over 60 Delegates to UN Climate Change Conference

Reuters News / Dec. 3
"Naughty" nations in a coal lot of trouble in Bali

CBC News / Dec. 3
UN climate change conference hails Australia Kyoto signing  /  REUTERS COVERAGE

Toronto Star / Dec. 3
Kyoto framework is still best hope for the world

Toronto Star / Dec. 2
Environmental groups fear Conservatives will weaken Bali climate change deal