Global Warming 101

What is Global Warming?

The greenhouse effect is a naturally-occurring process where gases in the atmosphere trap some of the Sun's energy, warming the Earth enough to support life. Soon after the industrial revolution began this natural process started to be affected, leading to a warming of the Earth’s average temperature (known as global warming).

Leading scientific experts say that global warming is caused by a blanket of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases surrounding the Earth and trapping in heat. It is often referred to as the “Carbon Dioxide Blanket”. Normally, the atmosphere allows excess heat to slowly rise away from the Earth. But because we have pumped tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere we have created a blanket that is trapping the heat. The heat just isn’t getting out. The Carbon Dioxide Blanket is raising temperatures and causing problems all over the world.

Life on earth depends on a stable, predictable climate. By studying core samples from glaciers, scientists can calculate average temperatures and CO2 levels, and can analyze atmospheric composition many years into the past. Their research shows that the global climate has indeed varied over time – but has remained relatively stable. However, a rapid rise in greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations in the atmosphere in the last 200 years is without precedent. There is a direct correlation between the rise in GHG emissions and rise in average global temperature. Scientists say the problem will get worse at an accelerating rate unless action is taken now!