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Looking for solutions to the carbon conundrum
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Globe and Mail's Report on Business / February 2, 2008

Public should pay for big oil's pollution solution, report says
Federal, Alberta governments endorse idea of taxpayers footing $2-billion bill

Canwest Media  /  CBC News
Media / February 1, 2008

Provincial Cap and Trade Programs a step in the right direction
Media Release / January 30, 2008

Ottawa moves to emulate Bush administration on new fuel mileage standards
Globe and Mail  /  National Post
Media / January 17, 2008

Will We See Changes? Not Likely!
Media Release / January 7, 2008's John Bennett and Environment Minister
John Baird talk to PrimeTime Politics host Peter Van Dusen

Watch the CPAC Interviews on Bali and Climate Change / December 10, 2007

Canada accused of undermining Bali climate change talks
Watch the CTV News Coverage
/  Leaked Document / December 8, 2007

New report places Canada 53rd out of 56 countries for combatting emissions
Watch the Global National TV Coverage  /  More on the Report / December 7, 2007

Harper uses Commonwealth Summit to sabotage upcoming Kyoto meetings in Bali Media Relase
  /  Toronto Star Coverage
CBC News (Dec. 2): Canada to encourage 'constructive' Bali deal says Baird 
Canadian Press (Nov. 23): Harper blocking deal at Commonwealth Summit / November 25, 2007

Environmentalists fear Bush has Harper's ear in coming fuel efficiency rules
Canadian Press Coverage / November 25, 2007

Scientists say sweeping action needed to fight Climate Change
CTV News  /  Canadian Press  /  Toronto Star  /  Globe and Mail
CBC News (watch video)  QuickTime  /  Real Media Player
Download the New IPCC Report / November 17-19, 2007

Clean Cars for Canada: Saving $37 Billion
New Report from
Media Release  /  Ottawa Citizen  /  Winnipeg Free Press  /  Canwest Media  /  Toronto Star
Download the New Report / November 1, 2007

Harper government abandons Kyoto, but won't formally admit it
Canadian Press  /  Winnipeg Sun / October 20, 2007

Throne Speech declares Canada an anti-Kyoto nation
Read the Media Release / October 17, 2007

Global Warming Airing Everywhere
Read the Op-Ed by's John Bennett
Halifax Chronicle Herald / October 14, 2007

Al Gore and the IPCC Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
Click here for more information / October 12, 2007 releases new Harris/Decima poll
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Download the New Harris/Decima Poll  / Globe and Mail  / CTV Canada AM  (VIDEO)  /  La Presse  /  CBC News / September 24, 2007

Conservatives hedge on Canada accepting nuclear waste
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Canadian Press / September 13, 2007

APEC leaders agree to broad 'aspirational goals' on climate change
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Canadian Press / September 8, 2007

Developing countries stress importance of Kyoto at APEC meeting
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Ottawa Citizen / September 8, 2007

Public to judge government's action on climate change
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Climate Action Network / September 5, 2007

Government position could lead to catastrophic climate change
Read the Media Release / August 31, 2007

Groups consider suing government on Kyoto
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Read the Climate Action Network Press Release
Ottawa Citizen / August 23, 2007

Analysis questions Baird's warnings of Kyoto disaster
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Download the document obtained through Access-to-Information
Ottawa Citizen / August 22, 2007

Leaked document reveals Harper's real intentions
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Read the Leaked Document / August 20, 2007's Louise Comeau accepts newly created position
to help lead British Columbia’s Climate Change Secretariat
Read the Announcement / August 17, 2007

North needs more research on global warming impact
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Ottawa Citizen / August 9, 2007

Climate Action Network calls on provinces to regulate sources of global warming
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Climate Action Network / August 9, 2007

Industry getting free ride, says John Bennett
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New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal / June 27, 2007

Government downplays report critical of climate plan
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CTV News / June 13, 2007

CO2 Man video appears on You Tube
Watch the CO2 Man Video
You Tube / June 7, 2007

Harper pushing George Bush policies at G8 meeting
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CTV News / May 29, 2007

Interview with's Louise Comeau and John Bennett,
and Federal Environment Minister John Baird
Topic: Conservatives 'eco-plan'
CBC Radio's The Current / April 27, 2007
Listen to the Interview

John Bennett interview with CPAC
Topic: Conservatives 'eco-plan'
CPAC's Primetime Politics / April 25, 2007  (starts at 50:30)
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